What is the reason for gold price increase?

Central bank reserves As central banks diversify their monetary reserves, abandoning the paper currencies they have accumulated and converting them into gold, the Gold Price Per Gram tends to rise. The value of gold derives from its scarcity as a commodity, as well as from its long history as a stable medium of exchange. The Gold Price Per Gram tends to rise during economic uncertainty and when inflation is high. According to analysts, inflation, geopolitical turmoil and increasing talk about the recession could help support gold rates this year. Today, the real interest rate is negative and the short-term interest rate is 0.3% and inflation stands at 1.4%, so investors choose gold instead of paper.

However, aside from storage costs, physical gold can be a cheap way to own gold, Cramer tells Make It. If keeping cash in the bank costs you money, it's wise to invest in gold and create an opportunity to get a return on your investment. Gold also performs better in times of economic uncertainty and is called a crisis commodity because it has excellent resilience. The Perth Mint has registered strong physical demand for gold and silver ingots and coins this year, especially in the U.S.

According to Cameron Alexander, business development and industrial research manager at Australia's largest precious metals refinery. And stocks and bonds are generally considered better investments for retirement, as they have historically outpaced the rise in the price of gold over the long term. As an investment, gold won't offer the same returns as stocks, but it may offer some relief from rising inflation, says Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's Mad Money and Investing Club. However, now that top banking executives are warning of new economic crises, the situation is conducive to stagflation, which would be bullish for gold.

Investors are increasingly risk-averse and are investing money in gold in the hope of earning a return on investment. Gold tends to perform well when people are concerned about inflation and financial system risks. The first is the VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF, known as GDX, a security that tracks the overall performance of gold mining companies. It's one of the most liquid forms of owning gold, meaning it's relatively easy to sell, compared to other options.